"L'esquisse" by De Fursac (Spring-Summer 2015)



After "Looking for Mrs. Cat”, De Fursacs continues to show confidence in Atelier Franck Durand to premiere a film directed under the leadership of Sébastien Haddouk. With the participation of the mannequin Adrien Sahores who takes on the skin of a creator emerged in fully artistic research, this film was a smashing success.

After a first short entitled "Looking for Mrs Cat”, which circulated for the launch of its autumn- winter collection in 2014, De Fursac again entrusted the Atelier Franck Durand with a film directed by Sébastien Haddouk, the realization of which was entitled “L'Esquisse" and will be illustrated during the Spring and Summer 2015 collection.


In a very inspired style that evokes film aesthetics from the late 1950s, this film presents us with the opportunity to discover the model Adrien Sahores who slips into the skin of a creator in full swing, guided by a benevolent voice. This new collection De Fursac is a very British chic that surfs between the scale of rupture and continuity.

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Translation : Matt Gosset


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