"Au temps de Klimt"

From February 12 to June 21, 2015

The exhibition “Au temps de Klimt, La Sécession à Vienne” (“In the time of Klimt, the Vienna Secession”) returns to detail the evolution of the arts in the Austrian capital from the end of the nineteenth century until the early years of Expressionism. On this occasion, La Pinacotèque presents a selection of major works by Gustav Klimt, from his early years to his masterpieces of the Golden Age, some of which may not be exposed outside Austria for the next decade.

"La frise Beethoven" - Gustave Klimt (copy-1984)
"La frise Beethoven" - Gustave Klimt (copy-1984)

The Viennese Secession is one of the fundamental aspects of Art Nouveau, which began in the late nineteenth century and was developed by architects and artists such as Joseph Maria Olbrich (who designed the Palace of the Secession in Vienna), Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, Rudolph Bacher and Gustave Klimt (who presided over movement and whose official voice, the Ver Sacrum, was the reflection).


The mission of the Secession in Vienna was to encourage exchanges with foreign artists, to bring together the creative forces of Austria or even create a "total art" (Gesamtkunstwerk in German), aesthetic concept from the German romanticism which used simultaneously different disciplines such as dance, music and theater, proving to be true performance. But it will be the source of conflict between the secessionist artists or "naturalists" and artists such as Gustav Klimt, Josepf Maria Hoffmann and Koloman Moser who rejected the concept of the total work of art.


Gustav Klimt has played a major role in the emergence and evolution of this movement, which created another stream of modern art: Expressionism. The exhibition "In the time of Klimt, the Vienna Secession" returns to detail the evolution of the arts in the Austrian capital from the late nineteenth through the early years of Expressionism.


Nearly 200 works are presented for this event including "Judith I" (1901), a character from the Old Testament, and a reconstruction of the "Beethoven Frieze," a performance of the Ninth Symphony exposed in the center of Secession.


Exhibition curator: Alfred Weidinger




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